miércoles, 29 de mayo de 2013

Last 2 septums and a labret

So here are the las piercings i did. 
This first pic is a girl, a friend of me that wanted to get both piercings the same day, and suuuuuuffered a lot xD we had some probs with the septum and im not happy with the result, but she dont wanted to suffer more so.. we left it and did the labret, that was quite fast and easy...

 And this lil' guy.. well i did his industrial piercings looong ago, and i gotta say that it's always funny to work with him xD the pics is absolutely not the best, and i forgot to do an after piercing pic, but whatever, it was fast, easy and looks awesome ^^

And that's all for this post, i gotta upload the last session of the Hannya mask, and another leg tatt, a Tikki totem or so i did to Raul, that guy i pierced in the lip and tattooed a tribal thing in his arm looong ago..

So, see ya in the next post!! :3