viernes, 26 de abril de 2013

Karu's Tattoo - Hanya

 Soooooo, my dears, here's my las work! a great and awesome Hanya thanks to my friend Karu (Carlos) xD
Such an inspirating work for me, big and kinda dark styled, this japanese demon (for whose that dont know, a Hanya is a jealous woman that became a demon... sth strange i know...) took sth arround 3 hours just for the outlining... but i was pretty amused and excited to do this kind of work ^^ 

the picture up, obviously, is the stencil and the one down is the tatt outlined... 
it will take another session for the shades and fix some lil things but it will look awesome!!
He suffered a bit too much cause we had to stop for lunch and we took looooong, and after a stop, it's really painful... not only for his leg/skin, also for my back xDD i'm like a granny T_T xD

But whatever, he's really happy with it and me too cause of this kind of tatt, i'm kinda fed up of lil things and symbols... this is more inspiring for me, and makes me work happily ^^
And well, my bro and I are already working (again) in my crows' tatt.. wanna finish it soon, bfore i go to WGT!!! and also wanna get some more tatts, but let's see... 
If i'm lucky i'll also get to do a Geisha soon but have to talk bfore with the guy that wants it.. 
So that all by now! See ya soon guys! I hope u all like it as much as I do!! ^^

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