miércoles, 27 de marzo de 2013

Natia's i love u tatt

So today that I have time and I'm bored enough I'll post all the last works done xD

This is Natia, my bro's grilfriend, and well, she got a math equation that if you cover the upper half you can read sth like i love u.. 

My bro started it and I was supervising his job, but dunno what happened that I had to touch up the tatt.. whatever, it's not bad at all and she liked it so.. maybe I should revise it again but i havn't seen it since then.. and she says it looks nice so i think it's fine as well.

And that's the end, guys xD noooo not yet ;) I'm gonna post my last tatt as the last one today ^^ and like always, i hope u liked it, guys ;) Cya!

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