miércoles, 27 de marzo de 2013

My Viking symbol - Aegishjalmur

So this is the thing i got tattooed ^^ A viking symbol that it's supposed to scare the enemy in the battle... Aegishjalmur is the name ^^ I'm quite interested in Viking, Nordic and Celtic stuff since my bro is obsessed with it xD

There are some more symbols like this, with some variations but i liked this one the most, it's simple and nice ^^ Here u can see how the stencil looked like behind my ear, and well u may ask, why this little? why behind the ear?? good question.. dunno xD

I wanted to get another tatt, a phrase in german.. as soon as I started studying this language, I fell in love with it.. and well, I wanted to get it over my feet, but then I thought I never show them, not even in summer.. so I was thinking it would have sense also on my headsides, but it should be really painfull... so just thought let's try sth little bfore i get a bigger one there xD  

And as you know, I'm lettin' my bro practise on me cause he also likes tatts and wanted to learn, and with lines he's normally really good... but not really this time >.< in the pic u can see it seems done by a child, moved lines and so.. I'm quite disappointed with this tatt but well, now that it's healed looks a bit better.. I like it but I know it could b better ^^'

So guys, that really all for today :D I hope u enjoyed this, and see ya soon! ^^

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Max dijo...

at last you did it ^^