martes, 8 de enero de 2013

another tragus piercing

So this is the last piercing i've done, another tragus, and she's the same girl of one the belly button's piercings, politic family of one of my friends, an easy-to-scare girl xD it was very funny ^^

And well, i'm waiting yet to finish my leg tatt, but i'm already designin' a new one, a phrase with a lot of sense to me.. aaaand possibly i'll upload one or two tattoos more at the end of this month, cause a friend of me just told me he wants new tatts, and he thougth of me to make them, so pray for me to make 'em! ^^

btw: i still looking for master or tattoo studio to work in, so if some of u knows one, just tell me please :) thx!!

And finally, this is the end of this post xD see ya next time guys! :D

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