miércoles, 16 de enero de 2013

another tatt

So here tha last tatt i did yesterday, i don't like it, but
  it's work, and he was happy, so no prob ^^

The pic up here is me tattooing my friend Victor and the pic down, as you see is his tattoo, is has some kind of sense for him, he explained it but i still not understanding it xD  mean, the word Gracias means thank u, but if u see it from othe perspective it's a big G, that is for his girlfrien Gloria.. sth messy xD.


We will have to work again on it because he bleeded a bit and the ink wont keep in, so lets see it in the next session..

And next friday i have another tatt to do so i'll upload soon with that tatt, ad if i'm lucky enough this year, i'll get a "job" as apprentice in a studio!!! ^^ pray for me guys!

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