sábado, 19 de enero de 2013

Moebius/infinite tatt

And the last tatt done! an infinite, and an S or sth, is a quite little tatt but it's also nice ^^
Here's the result! It was a pleasure to work with my friend M. she didn't moved or screamed xD ^^

And here she is, happy with her new tattoo, and guess a bit tired too xD ^^
Hope you come back soon! :D

SO! that's all by now, i dunno where i'll get some more job, but i hope soon! 
See ya next time guys!! ^^

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Ivan Téllez Fernández dijo...

Cuñaaaa!!!!muchas grácias por hacerte fan!!!!no sabia que tenias también blog!!!!mira que bien!!!tienes unos tattoos muy chulos!!!un besote y buen finde