lunes, 21 de mayo de 2012

"Too fast to love" with tribal wings tattoo

And here's the last tattoo of my friend, the longest one i've ever done... fucking little letters and fucking tribals >.< xD but finally she was happy so, me, my back, my neck and my leg are happy too xDD my whole body hurts xD

She took a pic of my with her phone, so here u see me toooootally destroyed tattooing her xD with my new hair colour ^^

And that's the thing she get tattooed, "Too fast to love" in French ¬¬ xDD but she likes it ^^ and the tribals, in the beggining they were rose's spikes but it was not so good so we finally changed it.

So that's all guys, see u soon ^^
I<3D Kätzchen, Ich vermisse dich T_T

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