viernes, 18 de mayo de 2012

Jörmungandr Tattoo

And here's the last tattoo i've done, to my bro, yesterday, Jörmungandr, the snake of Midgaard, nordic mithology that my bro loves and i'm starting to love too ^^

 That's the pic of the stencil, that was quite hard to tattoo cause, if you take a look down there, there are no lines, that wasa prob with the transfer liquid.. -.- buuuut it looks great anyway ^^

I have to make all the lines a bit wider cause it must be wider xD well and cause it was painfully for him.. so i just tried to do it as fast as possible ^^'

And here u can see both legs, with Jörmungandr in the left and Thor's runes in the right.. he wanna make somethin' else in the right leg but we will wait, and yeah, Thor's runes stills unfinished ¬¬ they're so like 4 years old.. but it's not my fault that he doesn't want to finish it >.< xD

So that's all guys... again xD
I have to take a look for pics of piercings that i haven't uploaded yet, but i dunno where they're, like the septum piercing of my bro.. and his liiiiittle stretched earlobes... and yeah, see u soon guys! ^^

PD.: I <3 U Kätzchen ^^

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