sábado, 12 de mayo de 2012

Ace of Spades

And that's one of the last works done, an ace of spades on the back just under the end of the neck (or so?)
it finished a bit different of how it should have been.. but looks nice anyway, but still needing a little touch of ink here and there.. 

 She's a good friend of me, i met her in the school of arts, but i dont see her and my other friends so much since i'm not in the school anymore.. T_T

And weel, after almost two weeks i get to know something about my love, and it feels great cause i was really scared and worried about him and the relationship and so on.. but still waiting to talk quietly about everything and more ^^' Everything is going better again :3

The next upload will be tomorrow or so, and it's the tattoo collab between my bro and I, on a friend of us two and of this tattoed girl, also classmate ^^ So see u soon guys ;)

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