miércoles, 30 de mayo de 2012

Three piercings' afternoon

Sooo here I am updating again, sooner than i've thought xD but that's great ^^
Yesterday did 3 piercings to 3 girls, and all were totally scared xDDD but was really funny to work with them ^^

The first one up here, a navel piercing, was on the belly button of the girlfriend of the bro of my friend xD She was the most scared of them, but finally she hasn't even noticed it when the needle was trought her belly ^^
The one down here, was the second navel piercing of that afternoon, she's just a friend of them.. in the beggining she was really quiet, but she had kinda real pain, too sensible girl.. u poor xD She felt a bit dizzy after but she is ok ^^

And this girl down, got a nostril piercing, she's the sister of my friend.. and she was scared and suffering before and after the piercing xD even with the anesthesic xDDD but was quite funny to see all her mascara running down the face with her tears xD this piercing was the longest to do cause the piercing was too wide for the catheter or whatever the name in english of those plastic things that covers the needle xD so it took longer to finish it -.- But finally she was happy to get it done too ^^

So those are my last piercing jobs, andthey told me they have some more friends that wanna piercings so probably i'll update soon ;) so thx u guys, see ya soon :D

P.D.: Where are u Kätzchen?? I miss u :'(

viernes, 25 de mayo de 2012

13 years old dolphin's remake..

And the last work, i had to "cover" with the same thing an 13 years old tattoo on my friend ori's stepfather, such a big guy suffering like a baby girl xDDD was pretty funny ^^

The picture up here is how the tattoo was  and the pic down is the result after two hours laughing xDDD

Even now that's improved, the dolphin face still looking like if it was a bird or so xD but at least it's kinda better than before ^^
And that's all for today, see u soon, probably next week with two piercings :D but nobody knows xD soo till then ^--^
I <3 U Kätzchen :*

lunes, 21 de mayo de 2012

"Too fast to love" with tribal wings tattoo

And here's the last tattoo of my friend, the longest one i've ever done... fucking little letters and fucking tribals >.< xD but finally she was happy so, me, my back, my neck and my leg are happy too xDD my whole body hurts xD

She took a pic of my with her phone, so here u see me toooootally destroyed tattooing her xD with my new hair colour ^^

And that's the thing she get tattooed, "Too fast to love" in French ¬¬ xDD but she likes it ^^ and the tribals, in the beggining they were rose's spikes but it was not so good so we finally changed it.

So that's all guys, see u soon ^^
I<3D Kätzchen, Ich vermisse dich T_T

viernes, 18 de mayo de 2012

Jörmungandr Tattoo

And here's the last tattoo i've done, to my bro, yesterday, Jörmungandr, the snake of Midgaard, nordic mithology that my bro loves and i'm starting to love too ^^

 That's the pic of the stencil, that was quite hard to tattoo cause, if you take a look down there, there are no lines, that wasa prob with the transfer liquid.. -.- buuuut it looks great anyway ^^

I have to make all the lines a bit wider cause it must be wider xD well and cause it was painfully for him.. so i just tried to do it as fast as possible ^^'

And here u can see both legs, with Jörmungandr in the left and Thor's runes in the right.. he wanna make somethin' else in the right leg but we will wait, and yeah, Thor's runes stills unfinished ¬¬ they're so like 4 years old.. but it's not my fault that he doesn't want to finish it >.< xD

So that's all guys... again xD
I have to take a look for pics of piercings that i haven't uploaded yet, but i dunno where they're, like the septum piercing of my bro.. and his liiiiittle stretched earlobes... and yeah, see u soon guys! ^^

PD.: I <3 U Kätzchen ^^

lip piercings by my bro

Finally i got the pics of the last piercings that my bro did to our friends, so here they're guys ^^

The first guy suuuuuffered a lot... such a big guy... poor xDD and the second guy has total fear of the needles, so it was quite funny xD but both of them are fine and happy with their new piercings ^^

And that's all, i still trying to upload one tattoo more that's we both have done, but this things fails -.- so i'll try harder! xD see u soon guys ^^

sábado, 12 de mayo de 2012

Ace of Spades

And that's one of the last works done, an ace of spades on the back just under the end of the neck (or so?)
it finished a bit different of how it should have been.. but looks nice anyway, but still needing a little touch of ink here and there.. 

 She's a good friend of me, i met her in the school of arts, but i dont see her and my other friends so much since i'm not in the school anymore.. T_T

And weel, after almost two weeks i get to know something about my love, and it feels great cause i was really scared and worried about him and the relationship and so on.. but still waiting to talk quietly about everything and more ^^' Everything is going better again :3

The next upload will be tomorrow or so, and it's the tattoo collab between my bro and I, on a friend of us two and of this tattoed girl, also classmate ^^ So see u soon guys ;)