viernes, 27 de abril de 2012

My new tattoo in progress ;)

Hii everybody!!! i'm back after a million years xD Back with something new to show u all ;) ...
My new tattoo!!! I decided to get something new, and so i got it, in my left leg 2 crows.. it's unfinished yet but hey, in one or two weeks u will see it full!!

Because of the place where i wanted it, it was pretty impossible for me to do it all alone so i teached my brother to make tattoos and he did it practically alone, such a good job for the first time he do that ;)
In the beggining i was kinda scared to do it cause he's not used to the machine.. i mean, i never was in that side of the machine, doing the tattoo, so he dont know with how much pression to work and so.. but i learned quite fast ^^ and im so happy and proud of him!!!

And well, right now i only have the outlining and just a bit of the "colour" cause it took a looot of time due to the less experience he has... but it doesn't matter, better slow and right than fast and wrong! ^^
And talking about meanings... they're Odin's crows, (Uggin and Muggin or so, i dunno their names xD) so that's my first "connection" with the viking/pagan stuff, also they mean freedom, cause they're birds and they can fly wherever they want, and they're crows!!..  black birds.. always this dark stuff that i love, death and so on.. xD

SOOOOO that's all for today, i'll upload some more pics, but i dunno when xD
My bro is also doing some piercing jobs in a village near here, cause he has friends there and im too lazy to go there xDDD so i'll also upload his job here if i get the pics ^^

And yeah, i have a devianart profile and im uploading my artwork there so check it out if u wanna!! ^^ and as some of u know i'm also at facebook so feel free to check it out too ;)

And I wanna send a biiiiiiiiig kiss to my kätzchen R.S. I miss u so much T_T and I wanna see u soon :* ich liebe dich <3 ^^

So guys, see u soon ^---^

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