martes, 21 de junio de 2011

My second nipple piercing! ^^

Ooook, here i am uploading a pic of the last piercing i´ve done to myself with my brothers help (ok he did it all cause it´s hard to do a perfect nipple piercing alone xDD) the second nipple (right tit xD) piercing, at last ^^ so i show you the pic of the moment i was on my bed with the needle through my nipple xDD holy crap! that hurts! xDDD ^^ not much, i´m just kidding :P but hey! both tits pierced are better than one xD So that´s all, the last thing that i want to say to you all is that in 16 days i will travel to Hamburg!!!!!! i´m so excited cause it will be my first travel, and i´ll meet in real someone who i like a lot! (and don´t think bad, guys! we´re only friends :D) (perverts ¬¬ xDDD) cause he´s just an amazing person, sympathethic, lovely, cute, funny, and so on... ^^ :D :D and i hope he knows that he´s so special for me, and one of the reasons is cause he always knows how to make me smile ^---^ talking about satan´s walrus xDDDDD......... and well, i´ll visit my lovely Germany!!!! ^--^ xDD and yes, i can´t stop talking about that xD ^^
So, that´s really all, and people, i need you all to give me job pleasee!! xD
See you next time :) bye! ^^ 

Gente, esto está en inglés para internacionalizar el blog xDDD y para que lo entinendan quienes quiero que lo entiendan ^^. Cuando aprenda alemán (lo suficiente) ya sabeis que idioma tendreis que aprender xDDDD por que lo escribire en ese. ^^ Si hay alguna duda, lo cual no suele pasar mucho, preguntadme ^-^ Saludos!!

2 comentarios:

CookingChinchillas dijo...

I have a nipple piercing myself and I couldn't live without it anymore.
Back in the day I was so smart to let a friend who is not a piercer do it.Thank god it didn't get infected.

Yours looks stunning :)

InDuStRiEaLpTrÄuMe dijo...

^^ thankss!!! Is gorgeous to have both tits pierced xD better than only one ^^
was he in practises or just trying something new to do? ^^ greetings :D